Leadership, Creativity, Sustainability

HealyKohler Design brings together a creative team of exhibit designers, graphic designers, lighting designers, media system designers, interpreters and project managers to create interpretive experiences for museums, cultural institutions and visitor centers. Through our experience, leadership and close collaboration with our clients, we develop multi-faceted visitor experiences that will captivate audiences of all ages and interest levels. We design powerful and interactive exhibits that will wow your visitors and can be easily monitored and maintained by your staff.

Our Services

Master Planning

Master Planning is the first step in developing an effective visitor experience. In collaboration with the client team, we explore the mission and goals for the exhibits and lay the groundwork for the overall experience. We will develop materials that will assist in fund raising efforts and presentations to key stake holders and possible donors.

Exhibit Design

HealyKohler Design creates environments that intrigue, educate, and inspire visitors. We develop experiences for museums, visitor and education centers, and corporate clients that deal with a wide range of topics. We have created exhibits relating to cultural and local history, natural and physical science, sports, music and art connecting organizations to their visitors.

Media Design

Media has become an integral part of the museum experience. Media pieces capture the audience’s attention and allow them to dig deeper into the exhibit’s storylines. Through film, computer interactives, object theaters and audio programs, we educate, inspire and entertain visitors, making exhibits more interactive and accessible for all visitors.

Environmental Graphics

HealyKohler Design creates powerful graphic treatments that inform and enthrall audiences. Our work helps visitors to interact within the environment, become totally immersed in the subject matter and find their way around the physical space. We are skilled at developing donor signage programs that elegantly recognize patrons and their contributions to the institution.

Facilities Branding

Branding enables visitors to easily recognize and connect with an institution. Branding differentiates you from other organizations and will build awareness in your company and help develop customer loyalty. Through graphic identity, logos and visual communication, HealyKohler Design creates brands that make organizations stand out.

Experience Design

HealyKohler Design creates environments that are focused on visitor engagement and interactivity. Experience Design is the design of a built environment that will communicate, entertain, educate, inspire and captivate the visitor using graphics, technology and immersive environments. The most important aspect of experience design is accessibility, engaging all types of visitors.